'This is the famous hot dog? This is what we're all gonna line up for?'
But you get them BOTH for 180 yen.

okay to be fair americans also talk about costco this way too, but it’s more in the context of the loyalty model than the experience. japan has about thirty of them total and you have to live in like fukuoka or fling yourself over to kawasaki to get to one, which makes visiting one like a quasi-religious american foodstuffs seichi. this is impressed by people posting table displays of the huge portions on SNS and calling them コストコ会, but also by interacting with idol fans.

little trip around the world, million live’s premiere song about a supermarket sweep composed by yohei matsui, actually was about costco the whole time. both him and about half of idolmaster are signed to the lantis umbrella, which means they also show up together at lantis matsuri, a collab live held semi-regularly every five years, but most recently at the messe just before the pandemic hit. that’s the one where sugita said he thought haruhi would only ever be for wankers. lantis matsuri, to put it mildly, is known for crowds that test the limits of what’s yakkai and try to inspire new rules limiting their behavior. each seating block this last go around assumed an identity of sorts, which means you might have encountered mosh pits, tambourines (someone got tackled for using one), impromptu mario kart and beyblade tournaments, or gunpla builds being chased down by security guards stretched thin. there’s also a costco about a stone’s throw away from the messe, which is hard to ignore if you’ve ever been. as the story goes, some enterprising wotaku showed up not only with in jellies and pocari sweat, but also whole pizzas, sushi bento, and booze. after the first day, lantis amended their rules to clarify that no outside food was allowed inside, an unusually stern warning to see for any live of this length. kirkland pizzas and house tigers are a dangerous mix.


— 糸色句 (@itoshiki_ku) June 21, 2019